CNB: construction on CNB 76 #1 continues in Bordeaux

March 2013 –

One of the worksite’s highly-qualified composite teams infused the hull of the CNB 76. While this technology is now used by some other upmarket shipyards, the ability to infuse such a large hull as a whole remains exceptional.

April 2013 –

One of the key moments in the birth of a new yacht is undoubtedly the removal of the hull and deck from the moulds. In early April the external design of the CNB 76 was finally revealed when the hull was extracted from its mould: a meticulous operation that was completed when it was placed in the specially-made construction cradle. The hull was then transferred to Bordeaux 1 (the superyacht production yard) where construction on the CNB 76 is currently underway. At the same time, the deck was turned over before unmoulding, revealing the impressive cockpit.

May 2013 –

Since arrival in Bordeaux 1, the hull has been undergoing preparation for installation of the interior fittings.
The joinery shop completed the furnitures for the owner’s stateroom, and has now begun work on the other modules.
Plumbing, mechanics and electricity technicians have installed the engine room and equipped the hull with its systems so that the various modules can be installed as they are completed. The first two modules, now complete, have taken their final places in the hull:
**the forward module was installed on 29 May: in the photos below, you can see the bathroom, master bed with, at its foot, the cabin-wide oak bookcase, and glossy white lockers which add further brightness to this luxurious cabin.
**the engine room was installed shortly thereafter. It gives an idea of the technical quality of the equipment and its accessibility.
Once the modules have been fitted in the hull, work remains on attaching the various equipment to the water and electrical systems, final securing of all units, and adding the finishing touches… The deck, on which the teak has already been laid, can then be joined to the hull, as the launch of the first CNB 76 approaches.

We are at your disposal for any further information, and wish you a pleasant sailing season before experiencing the CNB 76.

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